Inspiration for LinkedIn posts

The Process of Gathering Inspiration for LinkedIn posts

Obviously, you can set aside 20 minutes every day to craft a LinkedIn post, but after doing that a few times, you’ll soon realize that you’ll spend approximately between one and two hours on each post. That is not sustainable. It’s way too expensive too. Imagine you charge $100 per hour, now you have to charge $100/ day in order to maintain the daily post schedule. (That’s not including the research on ideas, responses you need to post, and the analytics you should be gathering.)

  1. Write the posts
  2. Create graphics
  3. Place them into the content calendar.
  4. Copy/paste into LinkedIn as needed.

Open up a Word doc, a Google doc, or even your phone’s notes feature. This will

Now, put yourself into the shoes of your target audience. What problem are you trying to solve for them? Now, what are the perfect questions for them to ask you?

  • I’m can manage their social media to get more clients for them.
  • “How long does it take to put together a social media calendar?”
  • “What are my competitors doing on social media?”
  • “How do I get social followers to become clients?”

Look At What’s Working.

To get more inspiration for LinkedIn posts, figure out what LinkedIn likes.

Find the questions your audience is asking on LinkedIn.

For more inspiration on what your clients might ask, check out the posts your ideal clients are writing on LinkedIn. Are they asking questions that could lead you to more inspiration?

Find the questions your audience is asking outside of LinkedIn

Now, let’s head over to other sites to see what questions people in that industry are asking:



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