The Landing Page Guide Every Recruiting Company Needs

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Recruiting companies need solid landing pages, both for employers and employees.

The challenge is making a landing page that attracts both your target demographics. Your landing page is your first impression and could be a make-or-break for your conversions.

The purpose of a landing page

Landing pages are used to accomplish one goal based on a demographic you are trying to reach. Recruitment companies, for example, may be trying to reach employers that are hiring but are overwhelmed by the process. You can make a landing page that offers to take that responsibility off their shoulders. Before making your landing page, you should ask yourself what your audience’s goal is and what is needed to do to satisfy their goal.

Your landing page should be a single page that will give them all the information they need to entice them to reach out to you for your services. You should restate your offer multiple times on the page, but the page should be simple and clean and should not distract your visitor from the offer. This means only one offer should be on the page. You should also have your contact information on the page in case they have questions. The only links on your page should seal the deal and accomplish your goal, which could be a consultation booking, email list sign-up, or content download link.

The employer

Let’s cover what a hiring manager is looking for when considering a recruiting company. Hiring managers want you to connect them with potential employees quickly. They want this process to be as easy as possible for them, and they want to know the employees you will connect them with will be qualified, hard-working, and reliable. No pressure!

To optimize a landing page for an employer, you should highlight how easy the hiring process through your company is. Accomplish this with a simple infographic that matches the rest of the page. Here is an example of the process for hiring an employee, but it can easily be adapted to hiring a recruiting company. You should also highlight the positive experience of other employers that have worked with your company. Show this with testimonials or reviews, similar to what you find on our page here. Your landing page should build trust, and social proof can accomplish this. (if you want to learn more about the benefits of testimonials, click here)

Ensure you mention your goal multiple times on your landing page. If the goal is to book a consultation, add the link or instruction to book a consultation throughout the page. Make sure that is the only goal you attempt to sell on the page and that nothing distracts the customer from accomplishing your goal.

The Employee

Now, the employees.

Employees that want to connect with a company through a recruiting agency are usually in the midst of a job search, which is often overwhelming and time-consuming. For this reason, your landing page should be fast and optimized for the employee.

Note: your landing page should only speak to one target audience. Your hiring manager and your employee should each get their own landing page.

Landing pages that are too confusing to navigate can increase bounce rates and lower overall interest in the company. You should prove that employees can find reliable jobs through your company and that taking the time to sign up for your services will be worthwhile. To do this, include statistics about employee success on your landing page to show you are the right company to join. You should mention what types of employees you hire and any qualifications they need to have, if applicable.

Just like the hiring manager’s landing page, you should have one goal that everything on your landing page points towards. The page should be uncluttered, and nothing should distract from the goal you’re trying to achieve. You should have links to “seal the deal” in multiple places. Also, include your contact information on the landing page, but in a place where it won’t distract from the goal. You should rely on social trust to prove you’re a good candidate and cohesively provide vital information.

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