The Things That Help Me Make it Through February

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3 min readFeb 3, 2022


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February is 90 days long.
Isn’t it? It feels like it is!

February 3rd is the halfway point through winter and it feels like the second half is so much longer than the first half!

Cold weather and the panic at work to keep up with your 2022 strategy makes it the hardest month to get through. Here at Abask, we’ve figured out one way to quell the rising nausea and make it through February. It’s a little thing we like to call “A list.”

Isn’t that what everyone calls it?

Here is the list of things that help us make it through February.


Rebecca: I have doubled down on LinkedIn in the last few weeks. Between my own profile, the pages we manage for client businesses, and the executive profiles we manage for others, I’m posting to LinkedIn several times a day. I love the camaraderie and positivity that I find there. It’s empowering and worthwhile. I come away feeling better about myself (no more imposter syndrome) AND I have “met” so many potential clients for Abask and for our clients.

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Rebecca: Some people say they’re like kids, but I think they might be the opposite. Dogs are like everything you thought kids would be like, with less mess, whining, and laundry. Dogs are just a gift, pure and simple.

Valentine’s Day

Jennie: I actually love February because my birthday is on the 10th! And I really like Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love about an excuse to eat chocolate! I also feel like it’s a nice breather month because we’re so slammed with the end of year/new year stuff in January.

The Lovebug Cocktail


Virtual Hangouts

We do bingo nights for one client, yoga mornings with another, trivia days for a third client, and happy hour amongst ourselves.

Cocktail of the month: the Lovebug Cocktail


Elisa: Getting up and going out of the house makes the day a little brighter, even if it’s grey and rainy! It gets my blood pumping, lifts my spirits, and somehow just helps me feel more energized.

Working out

Rebecca: in that same vein, I feel better if I wake up and get to the gym first thing. Trust me, I have no desire to go, but when I get there, my head clears and after, I feel like I completed one thing, no matter how the rest of the day turns out!



Rebecca: I couldn’t get through my day without the love and support of my family. They are the reason I do everything else, and I know I’m creating a legacy by working hard for them to see.

What about you? What gets you through the longer months?




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