Why You Need A Sales Funnel

  • Your goals (KPIs, OKRs, whatevers) should track each stage’s success in the funnel.
  • The sales funnel should be helping people that fall out of the funnel to come back in.
  • The sales funnel is a tool that should be used by marketing AND sales (seems like a no brainer, but ask your sales team about the sales funnel and watch the vacancy signs pop up)
Sales Funnel

We spend 40% of our time on the Awareness Stage.

This is where we fill the funnel. We network, we make connections, we welcome them to our community/ brand/ product.

We spend 30% of our time in the Interest Stage.

From the awareness stage, the goal is ultimately to make a connection. That pushed the potential customer (or lead, as we say!) to the next stage of your sales funnel.

We spend 20% of our time in the Evaluation Stage.

Now that we are friends, we want to take it to the next level.

The marketing team takes a tea break at this point so that the proposal team can do their thing.

We spend 10% of our time in the Retention Stage.

Now that you are our customer, we need to be sure that you stick with us.



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